We’ve seen some pretty crazy wedding proposals on Youtube, but this one might just be the craziest we’ve ever heard of. This guy really took the idea of “taking the plunge” a bit too seriously.

After getting up on the ledge of a 4 story building, he has his buddy toss him the ring so he can ask his girlfriend to marry him. She is then thrust into shock and horror as he misses the catch, loses his balance and then falls to his supposed death.

Turns out that was the plan all along. As soon as she looks over the ledge to see if he’s OK, she sees him on the air bag, holding up a sign that says “will you marry me?”

The first words out of her mouth were: “No Way!”

Lucky for him, that was just her reaction to the prank. By the end of the video she’s wearing the ring and the couple lives happily ever after.