Some people just can’t appreciate a good comic book movie. At least that is what the police are reporting in the town of Eugene Oregon.

It was just after midnight on Monday morning in a mostly empty Regal Cinemas that was showing Watchmen, the Zach Snyder adaptation of Alan Moore’s Classic Graphic Novel.

There were only ten or so people in the theater when a “popping” noise rang out and disrupted everyone’s attention from the excessive amounts of giant blue penis that was flopping about the screen.

That popping noise was more than just a little firecracker prank by some young hooligan, it was the sound of a man tragically taking his own life.

The un-named 24-year-old was found in the back row with a gunshot to his head. Despite the fact that people were as close as just two rows away, nobody saw what happened.

Source: KMTR