51-year-old Dexter Blanch has created a strap-on chastity belt for dogs. Dubbed the Pet Anti Breeding System, or PABS for short, the chastity belt is a belt made of polypropylene that consists of an eight-buckle locking system and a washable mesh pad for female dogs.

One turn-off for pet owners might be the fact that they have to wash the reusable pad in the belt though, but the apparatus lets dogs do every other bodily function except the obvious.

Blanch says, “I love my dogs. But when they’re in heat, you can’t keep them inside because it’s messy. And you can’t keep them outside, because when they get in that way they’ll chew through any fence to get out.”

He thinks that cleaning the pad is no different than picking up after your dog.

PABS may have a future with other animals too. Blanch is also in discussion with a Turkish man about a chastity belt for camels, but nothing has been created yet.

Source: myfoxphoenix