Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Captured from their car dash-mounted camera, a pregnant mother and daughter find themselves caught in a bizarre traffic incident while driving in Taiwan. The action begins at the 30 second mark and continues until the end of the video.

From translations and what I can make out, the mother and daughter were minding their own business when a green Toyota going the wrong way blocking them off. At first the mother assumes it’s an idiot driver, but then realizes that more is going on when two men, one with a bat, is perusing the vehicle. She wonders out loud what is going on and says that it’s a scary situation. The daughter agrees and begs the mother to leave as she slowly begins to put the car in reverse. Around the two minute mark, the mother gasps and says the car has stuck someone before the Toyota ends up hitting her car. After that she calls the police to report the accident.