I freaking hate Mondays. I know I’m not alone here… how many of you are sitting at your desks or in your cubicles wishing you were anywhere else. Some of you are hungover, others are still probably a little drunk. Many of you wished that the sun would fizzle out like Lindsey Lohan’s Career as the first stinging rays burst through your binds and on to your face where it burned with the intensity of holy water n a vampire. but you got up… you are a trooper. You jammed a toaster strudel into your pie hole and made your way into the daily grind. Well, we want to salute you with a little pick me up to help get you through the day… Sesame Street

Now before you turn up your nose and return to your TPS reports, just hear us out. The show does have it’s moments… most of them musical. Sometimes you even get really lucky and see celebs parodying their own music on the show… like an educational Weird Al.

Check out everyone from the uber cute Feist and the Plain White Tee’s to Johnny Cash… Coffee may help you survive the morning, but these vids will make you happy to be alive.