Rainbow Poo San has just “dropped” on to the scene and it looks like Nyan Cat might have a new friend. It actually looks like Rainbow Poo San could be something that Nyan Cat left in the litter box. The song is a lot better than the Nyan Cat music, but just as annoyingly catchy. I know I’m going to be humming a song about crap for the rest of the day.

The video is the brain/butt child of Animator Emmy Lincoln and Musician MaLin.

Here are the lyrics so that you can sing along. Don’t worry, you’ll only need to read them once. After you see teh video, they should be seared into your mind for all eternity.

“Here comes the poo Rainbow Poo San is his name. Here comes poo too much candy gave him fame. Oh dear poo, yellow, pink and blue. Oh dear poo, do you love me too?”