YouTuber Hannar just made some guy named Teddy feel like the luckiest geek in the world. She just dedicated this awesome song about nerd love to him on the internet and… It is just about the sweetest thing in the whole freaking world.

In the notes for the song, Hannar says the following:

♥For Teddy♥
i am a huge dork. i know i’m not a very strong singer i don’t claim to be.

We agree with half of that. Hannar is definitely a huge dork, and that is a compliment! However, she is totally wrong about not being a strong singer.


I need you like the perfect tetris needs an I,
And I hope we go on forever like the decimal of pi,
You’re just like a transformer – there’s so much more than meets the eye,
I’ll be elita one if you’ll be my optimus prime.

Because being with you is like a zerg – it gives me such a rush,
And similar to Pokemon this has evolved past a crush,
Because you’re super leet and super cute,
I’d choose you over purples you’re my real life epic loot.

All I want is to have you to myself,
Just me and you,
All I want is to have you on my team,
For real life 2v2s

Like the constant of integration you’re always there for me,
I’ll always have your back like Starfox has Slippy,
I’ll always be by your side like Link has Navi,
A tank has his heals and Ash has Misty.

Because whenever you’re not around you know that I miss you,
Even more than in Portal 2 when I missed my Companion Cube,
And like a noob in the Water Temple of doom lost without the key,
I’m lost without you.

All I want is to have you to myself,
Just you and me,
All I want is to have you on my team,
We’d be totally OP!

Source: Geeks are sexy