Every superhero needs an origins story. Whether from being bitten by a radioactive spider, had parents savagely gunned down in a dark ally or from public donations through a Kickstarer page.

Blogger Geoffrey Brett Williams recently launched a Kickstarter account for a project called “This Batman Life” that’s suppose to help him become Batman.

Williams plans to use donated money from the Kickstarter service to pay his way to study various martial arts fighting styles, private investigation, and the free-running martial art of parkour to train like Bruce Wayne before he became The Bat. In his journey to become The Dark Knight, Williams will be traveling between Chicago, New York City, DC, and Nashville to train and volunteer with various charitable organizations to experience the philanthropic side of the man behind the mask.

The Kickstarter project offers several different rewards for donation amounts including project-related prints from Jason McDonald, Ming Doyle, and the team behind Let’s Be Friends Again, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley that are rewarded to donors pledging between $10 and $50. As for pledgers of $100 or more, the reward is to experience portions of the journey alongside the hero in training.

Although Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, Williams is just seeking $5,000 to make his dreams of becoming Batman come true. You can follow his journey through his site or learn more about his mission here.

The video for This Batman Life can be seen below:

Source: Geeksofdoom