We’ve reported a couple of times on the amazing work coming out of the University of Central Florida with 3D printed prosthetics. Now, a new solution for amputees has gone one step further and incorporated LEGOs into the mix.

The IKO Creative Prosthetic System, which just took home the big prize at Paris’s Netexplo digital technology summit allows wearers to personalize their arm with Lego bricks! This not only opens up children to a plethora of potential attachments but also to an assortment of shapes, colors, that can help create a sense of empowerment and creativity to children with disabilities.

The Colombian born inventor of the prosthetic limb was inspired by all of the people who have lost limbs in armed conflict in his native country. He’s currently working on getting investors for his project (This should be on Shark Tank!). Currently, the cost of the device is set for around $5,000 with a replacement fee of $1,000 fee for each 3D-printed replacement socket required as the wearer grows.

Source: Inhabitat