Living in Florida, you get used to the fact that it could be sunny on one side of the street and pouring rain on the other. quick weather changes are just a part of life here. Now, Wezzoo designs has come up with a new umbrella designed to help people just like me.

The Oombrella umbrella talks to your phone via bluetooth and and alerts you to let you know that it’s time to cover up. The connection also makes sure you never leave your umbrella behind as it sends you a text if it gets too far from your phone.

With a week left to go in their Kickstarter campaign, Wezzoo has just completed their goal, selling the first editions of the umbrellas for around $65 USD. Along with the blue tooth connectivity, the accessorize also sports Kevlar-made ribs that offer protection from the winds and a screw fixture for your GoPro… because we all care about your walk in the rain.

The magic here is that the app will send an alert to your phone if rain is within 15 minutes. That’s really handy, as most people are too busy staring at their phones to look up at the sky.

Source: Inhabitat