There are going to be some people out there who think that the US Mint created this quarter just because of COVID-19, but these quarters are designed up to a year before they ever get minted. So, in what appears to be one hell of a coincidence, one of this year’s coins honoring a National Park just happens to also have a couple of bats on one side.

The quarters were minted in honor of American Samoa, but you can bet that they’ll be known through time as Covid Quarters. The new currency is already in circulation and there’s a good chance that you’ve got on in your pocket if you’ve been paying with things in cash. As an added bonus, the bat emblem has made them something of a collectible. The 25 cent pieces are selling on eBay for at least a dollar each!

We can see a lot of Etsy sellers buying these up and turning them into kitschy pendants you can give as gifts if we all live to the holidays this year.