NFL cheerleader Sarah Jones who recently won $11 million in a defamation judgment against a gossip website may have the result nullified because her lawyers sued the wrong company due to a clerical error.

Jones, a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who also works a teacher, meant to sue after comments on the site in December suggested she had an affair with a player and also contracted two venereal diseases. The site is run by Scottsdale-based Dirty World LLC.

Due to a clerical error however, the complaint named the offending website as – which is owned by Los Angeles-based Dirty World Entertainment Recordings.

US District Court judge William O. Bertelsman ordered Los Angeles-based Dirty World Entertainment Recordings to pay $1.12 million in compensatory damages and $11.2 million in punitive damages for failing to respond to the lawsuit filed in February.

But it appears Dirty World Entertainment Recordings was incorrectly named in proceedings. Jones’ attorneys should actually have been suing Dirty World LLC. founder Hooman Karamian was named in the complaint but said neither he nor his company was was ever served in the case.