This explains so much about why candy corn tastes the way it does…

Ohio resident, Christopher Burks was arrested last week and charged with misdemeanor criminal damage. So, what did he do to bring this down on himself? It appears that Mr. Burks allegedly went into the employee only area of Khol’s department store and decided that there’s no better place to take a leak than on a pile of candy. Yup, according to the arrest report, Burks urinated all over $603.72.

Interestingly, when he plead not guilty, he only had to pay $500 bond to get released, not even enough to replace all the candy he peed on.

At this point, there has been no motive announced for the alleged crime, but based on Burke’s criminal record that includes prior arrests for burglary; assault; forgery; heroin trafficking; domestic violence; menacing; and disorderly conduct, you’d have to imagine that making great life choices is not really his forte`.

Source: TSG