The creepy Beiber fan who turned set the internet on fire last week is back and this time she’s turned the “Call Me Maybe” song into something that will cause you nightmares! We know that this girl is fake, but it doesn’t make her any less creepy. No one should be able to go that long without blinking! Also… what the hell is up with the random horse noises in the middle of the song?

Here’s a sample of some of her new lyrics:

I’ve learned your life pretty well.
You’re down to earth I can tell.
You say I don’t ring a bell.
I love the way you play.

I know you know who I am,
I saw you through your webcam,
You say you don’t give a damn,
but wait a minute, you may.

Your eye are golden,
6’3″, easy goin,
You can sleep well always knowin,
I’m looking out for you, baby!

Hey, I just saw you,
With that lady.
Paid for her dinner,
That’s kinda shady.
Remember you’re mine,
You say you’re dating.
I know you’re kidding,
So I’ll be waiting!

And from there it only gets creepier.