A decommissioned cold war bunker built in 1959 surrounding land in Derbyshire is currently up for bids on eBay and is expected to fetch up to £25,000.

The “Lost” style bunker is located in a field in the Peak District and comes equipped with lighting and a phone line that can be used as living accommodation for short periods.

The auction lists the bunker as “a rare opportunity to acquire a valuable piece of Cold War history.” It was built a master monitoring post by the Royal Observer Corps (ROC), amid the threat of nuclear attack, but decommissioned after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The bunker is accessible via a metal hatch and shaft, and a 15ft (4.57m) ladder leads to two rooms – one for a chemical toilet and the other, of 15ft x 7ft 6in (4.57m x 2.28m), for the monitoring equipment.

Two ventilation shafts are built in and much of the original equipment is still in place. The seller adds: “The bunker can continue to be used as limited living accommodation for short periods or adventure holidays.”

Source: eBay