Every year there is a story like this. I still remember Disney’s self-pleasuring Tarzan figure from a few years ago. This year the accidentally inappropriate toy seems to be Toys R Us’ You & Me Interactive Triplets. It seems that parents think that one of the triplets says something a little naughtier than you’d expect.

So, what does it say? “Hey, Crazy bitch!”

Now, the chances that it actually is saying this are low. What is the doll saying? I’ve got no idea. It really does sound like she’s saying “Hey crazy bitch!” The reality of the situation is that this is really just a sad commentary on us. Fifty years ago, no one would have ever defaulted to “Crazy Bitch”, but that is who we are now.

I think the lunacy can be summed up in the word’s of the crazy lady at the end of the video.

“I think they should be burned, and I would like to write the (toy maker) a letter,”

…Man, what a crazy… nevermind.

Source: Clickorlando.com