Wanting to take his beloved pooch, Gizmo, everywhere, a pizza delivery man has invented a perspex “doggie box” on the back of his motorcycle.

Sean Cole, 43, hand-built the transparent kennel and fixed it to the back of his red Kawasaki motorcycle and even gives his fluffy white (so fluffy!) dog a 360 degree view. Special ventilation air holes and a fan is even installed to keep Gizmo cool and comfortable.

Cole came up with the idea because he needed to travel and couldn’t take the dog with him.

Accoridng to Cole:
“Gizmo enjoys traveling and gets to see more of a view than he would in the car. I came up with the idea because I didn’t want to leave Gizmo at home on his own. He’s a lap dog and barks if he you leave him.

“He’s travelled in the car since he was a puppy so I thought he would enjoy being on the bike. When we are driving along I can see his ears and fur flapping in my mirrors so I know he has plenty of air. When we get to where we are going he gets out and wanders around before going back in the box home. He’s a very happy little dog and he loves cruising round in his box.”

Source: swns