Sine is a model and the manager of a plus-size clothing store in Thailand. Now, she’s also an internet star, thanks to her penchant for creating sweded versions of high fashion celebs.

She actually started dressing up as a way to promote her shop, but now she’s getting noticed all around the world. Her targets for costumes have been everyone from international stars like Chloe Moretz, Poy Treechada, Claire Danes and Katy Perry, all the way to food labels and album art for popular bands.

While she’s currently most famous for parodying the gown worn by actress Chompoo Araya at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, with plastic bags filled with the shrimp crackers her her mother makes, she’s been known to include everything from shopping bags, nori, and even cartons of milk into her costumes.

You can check out Sine on her FaceBook page HERE.

Source: Rocketnews