Police in Florida (Surprise…) are searching for a man who is breaking into houses and sucking on people’s toes.

On January 2nd, investigators responded to a call that someone had broken into the home of a 20-year-old man and started sucking on his toes as he slept. The incident happened around 3:30 am to find that he was not only not alone, but that his toes were actively in the mouth of a strange man.

When he confronted the man and told him he had no money if robbery was his plan, the stranger told him that he was there specifically “to suck toes.” As the victim forced the stranger out of his home, the stranger claimed to have a gun and then reached for the victim’s genitals.

Despite the police swabbing the victim’s toes for DNA, they have not been able to identify a suspect in the crime as of yet. We do know that he is a black male between the ages of 20 and 25 who was bald shaven and about 5’ 11” tall and 160 pounds.

We don’t really know what else to say here other than Eww.

Source: TSG