What if 8-bit NES superhero games didn’t suck, because let’s face it, most of them did? I reckon they’d look something like this. The folks over at ComicsAlliance were having some fun and decided to whip up some very awesome reimagined classic 8-bit NES games starring popular comic book superheroes.

The games include:

Thor x Mega Man
Batman: Knightfall x Super Mario
Cerebus x Legend of Zelda
Lex Luthor’s Punch-Out!! (Featuring Superman)
Ghost Rider x Excitebike
Watchmen x Super Mario 3
Archie & Jughead’s Burger Time
Uncanny X-Men x Final Fantasy
Hellboy x Castlevania
The Punisher x River City Ransom

My favorite is without a doubt X-Men and The Punisher. Both would probably make very awesome NES games. Someone more talented than me please make it happen! I’ll be your best friend…