Here’s an extremely impressive timelapse video of a 30-story tall, 183,000-square-foot hotel being built in just 360 hours… aka 15 days!

The construction took place near the Dongting lake, in the Hunan Province, China, by Broad Group, a Chinese construction company specialized in sustainable architecture. For once, “made in China” is no joke, as “The building uses prefabricated modules (with a +/- 0.2mm precision in the fabrication process) mounted on a steel structure, with diagonal steel bracing.”

Allegedly the hotel is so solid, it can resist a 9 magnitude earthquake and is touted to be five times more earthquake-resistant than conventional buildings. Moreover, it is also said to be “five times more energy efficient, with 6-inch thick glass curtain wall insulation and four-paned windows with built-in shades, a heat recovery system and 3-stage filtration air conditioning process that purifies indoor air to be 20 times purer than the air outside.”

Source: Gizmodo