Finding safe and affordable solutions for both 3rd and first world nations when it comes to power consumption is a huge priority. Along with being extremely wasteful in our use of electricity, there are still a lot of places around the world where there just isn’t enough to keep the lights on. Enter the SAlt Lamp from the Filipino company, Lipa Aisa Mijena. Along with the department of engineering at De La Salle University, they’ve created a new lamp that will run bright white LEDs for 8 hours on only a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt. Alternatively, you can also use Sea Water. The goal is to help the communities where they rely on batteries or candles which are a huge fire hazard.

Inside the lamp, there’s an electrode that lasts up to a year and can be easily and cheaply replaced. They are already planning a next generation model that can also charge smart phones.

Source: Inhabitat