The Scottish band FOUND recently released a limited edition record of their song “Anti Climb Paint” on a 7″ playable and edible chocolate record. Created by baker Ben Milne of Fisher & Donaldson, the idea for the unique chocolate record came out of wanting to collaborate with the band.

Milne, a friend of the band FOUND, also helped filmed the video for the song in the bakery’s kitchen. The band consist of Ziggy Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), Tommy Perman (bass guitar, synth) and Kev Sim (electronics, percussion) and describe their sound as a mix of garage rock, melodic pop and glitchy electronica.

Naturally, being chocolate and all, the record will only be available for a very limited run and will degrade overtime. Never the less, it’s a pretty unique idea and has certainly gotten the band plenty of attention.

You can watch FOUND’s music video of “Anti Clumb Paint” below:

Source: Laughing Squid