like it or not, sex dolls are here to stay. Companies like Real Doll are backlogged with orders from both private citizens and entrepreneurs interested in opening their own sex doll brothels. Along with the growth in new technology, new ethical issues have begun to surface. One issue that has come to light is whether or not people will abuse sex dolls, and whether that will translate over to their biological sex lives. The other question now starting to pop up comes from an increasing number of orders being placed for dolls that look like real people.

For one such company, Sex Doll Official, a large number of requests have been coming in to secretly make dolls based on women that customers have crushes on. The most common requests seem to be to make dolls based on popular celebrities, but in some cases, the requests are for likenesses based around exes, dead spouses, and others who have no idea that a sex doll is being made in their image.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Jade Stanley, owner, and founder of Sex Doll Official said that there’s nothing off limits.

“In terms of customisation, it’s anything whatsoever. Celebrity, dead spouse or someone you fancy. It really does vary, you get people asking for a Kim Kardashian, or a girl next door. It’s just so different across the board.”

To get their doppelganger made, customers submit photos along with details on hair color, weight, bra size, and skin color.

Despite the ethical issues involved in making a sex doll based on someone without their knowledge or permission, Jade doesn’t seem too worried about anyone suing.

“Of course that’s a concern, and I wouldn’t want to cause myself any litigation problems. But at the end of the day, it’s just a likeness. Who’s to say you can’t draw a likeness of somebody or paint a likeness of somebody.”

The question now becomes, what would you do if you found out someone made a sex doll based on your likeness? Is there a difference between having sex with a doll that is manufactured to look like someone and just fantasizing about them? These are the types of questions we are going to be hearing more of in the years to come…

Source: Dailystar