According to a global summit, the sex toy industry, which accounts for $15 billion in annual sales, are turning towards greener pastures and hoping to embrace a green philosophy.

A ‘Green’ vibrator that promises sustainable pleasure. That is the idea behind one Irish company who believes they’ve got the solution to shake up the market: “a vibrator they are calling the world’s first-ever green technology sex toy.”

The Earth Angel, described as “eight inches (20 centimetres) with a sleek white finish,” is a wind-up vibrator which comes with a handle built into the bottom.

According to co-founder Janice O’Connor of Caden Enterprises, “You just flip out the handle, grab a hold of it there, and you just wind it.”

“So for four minutes of doing that, you should generate enough power to give you 30 minutes of full-on, right-to-the top vibrations,” she told AFP.

“I’ve only used it a couple of times, and it’s fantastic. It’s very intense, and sometimes, at the top level, depending on the person that’s using it, it can actually be too intense sometimes.

“That’s why we have four different levels on it,” she adds.

The vibrator is made of 100 percent recyclable materials and the couple hope it will encourage sex toy fans around the globe to do their bit for the environment.

“We want to change the way that people view adult toys and the adult industry as a whole,” they said.

“We wanted to produce an environmentally-friendly sex toy that appealed to all consumers.

Chris O’Connor, Janice’s Husband and co-founder is the brains behind the power-storing technology that he said could be applied to any small power device, such as electric toothbrushes.

Source: Yahoo