Growing up, I didn’t have Halloween. I grew up in a religious house and I was just allowed to hand out treats (boxes of raisins) to the kids in my neighborhood who did get to dress up and go candy hunting. Maybe that’s why I never really got the whole dress up thing. I think it’s great when people get up in their favorite cosplay get ups and stuff like that for a convention, but I never understood using Halloween as that one night where you should dress up as slutty as possible only to get mad the next day when you are tagged in a dozen photos by work friends.

With that in mind, Zandy, king of the slutty costume has their annual batch out and they’ve really outdone themselves. Starting with Disney’s Frozen, I can understand slutty Anna and Elsa, but I’m very confused about slutty Olaf. After that, they make the usual rounds of cartoon and game characters with costumes for slutty Little Mermaid, Slutty Princess Peach, Slutty Mario, Slutty Maleficent, and even Slutty Ewoks.

See them all from Slutty Chinese Takeout to Slutty Ninja Turtle below: