It’s a rough day in the news, but there is still some good out there, like this awesome story about Elephants in Nepal, saving hundreds of people from drowning. In the midst of heavy rains throughout India and Nepal where 15 people have drowned and over 2.3 million are currently displaced by the waters, 600 foreigners were saved by the giant mammals when the Rapti River overflowed.

Hotel group owner, Said Suman Ghimire, recounted the tale:
“Some 300 guests were rescued on elephant backs and tractor trailers to (nearby) Bharatpur yesterday and the rest will be taken to safer places today.”

The rescued should count themselves as very lucky. Officials are now reporting that over 60,000 homes were completely submerged in water throughout the southern plains of Nepal. Additionally, there will be major losses in agriculture, which could compound problems as a displaced population struggles to find food.

Lucky for the tourists, elephants can handle the flooded terrain and overflowing rivers better than the jeeps and buses that brought them to the popular rhino watching spot.

Source: Rueters