There are too many parodies out there of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. We know it… we have posted most of them… but now we are going to post one more that brings an end to them all.

Created by suburbanhomeboy, ‘Some Music That I used To Know’ parodies how overblown the original song has become as well as how ridiculous the parodies and covers have gotten.

Check out the video and then the lyrics below.

Now and then I find a video that’s really special
Like when that naked guy gets painted and starts to cry
But as it rose in popularity
All the covers and the parodies
And now I think it’s the most overplayed song ever

I became addicted quick at first cuz it was magic
My favorite station played again, and over again
I repainted my whole room like it
Got a full-body tattoo of him
This song is much harder to ditch than a lover

But now it’s time to turn it off
Never heard a song so catchy had to break up with it
I wish that I could keep it on
But they played it at my cousin Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah
I wish it didn’t go viral
Didn’t expect it’d be so trendy it when it dropped last summer
It’s my grandmother’s new ringtone
So now it’s just some music that I used to love
Now it’s just some music that I used to loveIt’s like “The Macarena” or “Whoomp, There It Is”

I know you wanna break up with us and you want your closure
But they play us everywhere, you cannot hide, you cannot run
So, give our other songs a play
You’ll help them all become cliché
Like them, forward them and then repost
Then you’ll help us make more music into music that you used to love

I really need to turn it off
Otherwise I’m gonna stick my head into an oven
I just wanna escape its clutch
But it plays in elevators and the gas stations
It’s turned my brain into Jell-O
Ask my friends to slap my lips off if they hear me humming
I bet it wins a Grammy though
But for now, it’s just some music that I used to love