It’s been years since Steve Irwin died when he was stabbed in the chest by a stingray, but the Crocodile Hunter is still fresh in our hearts. Now, Melodysheep has put together a great new musical tribute to the man who got a generation excited about conservation.


My dad taught me from a very early age
Be at one with the snake
Feel it son! And I am.

I’ve gotta get the camera
I’ve gotta get right in there
I have to get right fair smack into the action
Here we go, look at this!

I gotta push it
I gotta push it to the limit
Danger, Danger, Danger

I jumped on a croc
Under the water – WHACK
Hit me in the head, scarred me here

Woooo! I’m on top of the world!
I gotta push it – push it to the limit
Woooo! I get to do the wildest things in the world

You need to come with me
I wanna share it with you
Come with me – share my wildlife with me

This is just such a special moment
This is what I want to share with you
All I want to do is show you the beauty of this animal
I’m gonna have to be so careful here

See the way they jump! Did you see that!
Holy smokes!
I’ve been bitten, peed on, jumped on, whacked
See the way they jump! Did you see that!
Holy smokes!
No two fingers are the same
They’ve been snapped, split, chomped

I’ll stay on that river – I just won’t stop
Because I feel so passionate
Passionate about all of our wildlife


Look at the information I can gather from this one poo

This is his territory – this is his terrain
He’s the biggest predator out here
Oh you’re gonna bite me – Ohyou’regonnabitemeonthe

Conservation is my job, my life, my whole persona
And it’s my job, it’s my ambition


This is like a dream come true