When you think about imports from Switzerland, most people think of chocolate. Switzerland. Resident John Green ( no, not THAT John Green), is hoping that pretty soon, people will being thinking of something a little lighter. Yup, he’s taken to selling jars of fresh Swiss mountain air in a jar… for only $97.

What justification could Green possibly have for such an obvious scam? Well, according to him, “the air in the mountains is like champagne [so] I decided I had better start selling it.” I think a better answer might be… people are dumb and they will buy dumb things.

If you’re wondering what you get for your $97 on MountainAirFromSwitzerland.com, well, you might be a little disappointed. That price will only get you the smallest size, a pint. If you want a bigger “air supply,” you’ll have to fork over $167 for a quart and $247 3/4 gallon jar. The good news is that he includes a certificate of authenticity. How do we know he isn’t just sitting in his living room, farting into jars for money? We really don’t, but his website claims this about how the air is collected:

“Let’s just say it’s collected by a babbling mountain stream, fed by melt water from a famous glacier, near a very famous mountain.”

Protip, when someone starts a claim with “let’s just say…”, you can pretty much guarantee that you are buying a jar of farts.

Source: Inhabitat