Love motels are a foreign thing. They’re pretty much a place where people go to do the nasty and they’re quite popular overseas especially in Asia and perhaps notoriously in Taiwan. They’re pretty much a dime a dozen and competition is rough. So how does one spice up their love motel to get a bigger draw and to distinguish it from the others? They cater it to the geeks of course.

Check out this Batman-themed Batcave suite at the Taiwanese hotel Eden in Kaohsiung City. Eden is a more upscale erotic hotel and one of their rooms will make love making in a normal hotel room seem quite ordinary. Because really, who’d want to do it in a regular room when you can do it in a Batcave that comes equipped with your very own Tumbler Bat-mobile.

As cool as this Batman inspired room is, I find it hard to believe that anyone ever gets laid in here.

Source: Gizmodo

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