To celebrate both Valentine’s Day and their 5,000th song request, The Bottle Boys have put together a great rendition of the Taylor Swift song, We are Never, Ever Getting back Together.

Official Video Description:
This is a very special video, because it is by request from our fan number 5000 on Facebook. We made a promise that number 5000 would be able to pick a song and would get a Bottle Boys t-shirt. So this video goes out to you Michelle!!:-)

We had one week to arrange the song and to make a video, so we have been working our asses of to make it in time :-)
It took around 10 takes to make it and afterwards the room was a complete mess due to the confetti!!

We love our fans, and we definitely want to give something back, so if you have any future song request, please send us an e-mail.

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2013 has already been an amazing year for us, and we have been invited to Italy, Hong Kong and Egypt! It’s amazing, so we owe a BIG thanks to all you Youtubers out there enjoying and sharing our videos! Thanks!

The Bottle Boys