College football scholarships are pretty hard to get and you have to try your hardest to stand out to the recruiters. One Florida teen (why is it always Florida???), thought that there was no better way to show his athleticism than to jump over a moving car. With one friend behind the wheel and the other behind the camera, they set off to capture this amazing stunt. Unfortunately for him, what they captured was him getting hit by the car and being launched into an epic mid-air cartwheel before crumpling to the ground like a rag doll.

In case you are wondering, the guy is now in stable condition and his friend from behind the wheel is being charged with reckless driving. N college has jumped forward to give him a scholarship, but he is reportedly being scouted by several top clown schools.

Official Video Description:
A Young Palm Bay Florida Man, Bladimir Barreto, Attempts To Jump Car And Fails With Devastating Results.

Bladimir Barreto of Palm Bay Florida attempted to jump over a moving car driven by his brother while being filmed by another brother.

From the video released by the Palm Bay Police it appears he started his jump too late and was hit by the car.

He flipped several times and landed in the middle of the road.

Barreto suffered multiple injuries including compound fractures of his legs and a serious head injury.

The video was to be used to display his athletic abilities to football recruiters.

According to Palm Bay Officer Andrew Pidgeon charges are pending against the 17-year-old brother for driving without a license and possibly reckless driving.