For the last few years the Christian right has had a lot of ammunition in their fight against pop culture thanks to Harry Potter. Who better to call evil than a wizard who is destined to die and then come back.

Back int he 80’s, they didn’t have that big of a target, so they had to get a little more creative. With no major wizard to turn their ire towards, they picked the next most logical thing… The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!?!

That’s right, they are led by a rat. They apparently use light and dark magic (“just like in Star Wars”). And worst of all, they use nun chucks… which are… wait for it… ILLEGAL IN CANADA!

The turtles aren’t the only target in this video, the uptight, douche bag, fun Nazis also hate Michael Jackson candy bars, Vanilla Ice Puzzles and MC Hammer everything.

Source: Geeksaresexy