If you’ve been following alternative energy news for the last couple years, Elon Musk and Tesla’s PowerWall has been the belle of the ball. Now it’s looking like they have a challenger for the crown and it’s coming from one of the people behind the world’s most iconic video game puzzler.

After learning about the destruction of the coral reefs, Tetris Company Co-Founder, Henk Rogers dedicated his life helping end dependency on fossil fuels. A big part of that involved him starting up Blue Planet Energy. The company’s new battery, the Blue Ion Continuum battery is getting ready to hit the market and it has a couple major features that might just make it the PowerWall killer.

While Tesla’s Powerwall stores an impressive 6.4 Kilowatt, the Blue Ion Continuum battery can store an even more impressive 8. Also, Rogers claims that his battery is made with better materials than the Powerwall. Blue Ion Continuum batteries use Sony’s lithium ferrous phosphate batteries. Meanwhile, The Powerwall runs on lithium cobalt manganese batteries. Rogers claims that his materials are not only more affordable than Tesla’s, but are also a lot safer. Then there’s the warranty. Blue Ion Continuum’s warranty promises 75% capacity after 15 years. Tesla only warranty’s their batter for a decade.

When it comes to money, the Blue Ion Continuum will cost you more up front than the Powerwall, but Rogers insists that it’s capacity and warranty promise a smaller lifecycle cost than the Powerwall. The Blue Ion Continuum is up for pre-order now and set for delivery in early 2017. When both are out on the market, we’ll get a chance to see which battery is truly best.

Source: Inhabitat