Singer/songwriter Gareth Rhodes has composed a theme song for the one and only Nathan Fillion. According to Rhodes, it was a request by Fillion on Twitter or something like that. And if you’re wondering whether not not Fillion has seen it, he has. His response: “Holy crap! This is what i’m talkin about! YES! Nice!”

Here are the lyrics to the Nathan Fillion theme song:

You can keep the Fonz and Arnie In T-2
You can shelve James Dean feel free to keep Tom Cruise
You can file Brad Pitt right next to Angelina
You can put Elvis Presley in massive sold out arena

And all these dudes to you they might be cool
But ill tell you whos just far too cool for school…..and shiny too

Nathan Fillion, is one in a million
Nathan Fillion is Goram brilliant
Nathan Fillion is one in a ga-gillion
Nathan Fillion i goram brilliant,yeah goram brilliant

Yes, it’s about time our big damn hero has his own song!