Since last Thursday, editor Ryan Penagos, cartoonists Chris Eliopoulos and Katie Cook have been saturating Twitter and the Internet with super cuteness in the forms of superhero Marvel cats.

It all started when Eliopoulos decided to spoof the world devourer as a LOLcat and created the ever adorable and sicking cute Catlacutus. Since then, the act of drawing Marvel Cats picked up and began spreading like an infection on Twitter. Using the #mrvlcats hashtag other artists such as Cook and Skottie Young, Mike Maihack have joined in and contributed to the cat-astic project.

If you haven’t been following or you’re late to the game, we’ve gathered up all the submissions thus far and created this super gallery of Marvel Cats for all to enjoy.

Beware of the cuteness that follows, you have been warned.

Source: Agent M