Star Wars might have tons of fans making thousands of fan films, but It takes a sci-fi legend like Doctor Who to inspires citizens of the internet to take up instruments and form an orchestra!

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra has now teamed up to make their first online collaboration: “I Am The Doctor” by Murray Gold.

The music was put out to all the participants and over the course of a few months they videotaped themselves and sent in their part to be edited together.

They did a great job, especially for their first attempt. Check it out and check back here for their next piece of music!

Arranged and co-ordinated by Stephen Willis
Assistant Co-ordinator: Robin LaPasha

List of participants:

Rachel Adcock
Kyle Aikman
Elliot Beagley
Tom Boulton
Claire Bourdon
Micaela Burney
Dylan Cargill
Sharon Evans
Miriam Fuchs
Jaclyn Goodson
Tim Goodson
Benton Gordon
Maddy Hayes
Sage Kaplan-Goland
Sam Kaplan-Goland
Resilda Lala
Kostya LaPasha
Robin LaPasha
Jalen Lee
Nicole Maneth
Conal McGinley
Graeme Mealey
Margot Northcott
Mitch Paw
Louisa Robison
Jeremy Rodgers
Rebecca Rodgers
Melissa Rowlands
Conor Skelton
Chris Thurtle
Henry Truong
Isaac Vanderark
Lucy Webb
Stephen Willis