In a world that seems more crazy bad than anything, I wanted to point out a story about a guy that was probably one the best crazy stories I’ve heard in a while.

Bill Morgan was (and maybe still is?) a Truck Driver from Melbourne, Australia. His story of what makes him the luckiest man on earth starts with a horrible car accident. Morgan was crushed in his truck and suffered what EMTs had considered a fatal heart attack.

It was definitely fatal, just not permanently. Despite being clinically dead for more than 14 minutes, Bill was eventually revived. That left him in a coma for 12 days, during which the doctors advised his family to pull the plug. Amazingly, when he did wake up, he had all of his faculties intact.

About a year after getting out of the hospital, Morgan decided to try his luck on a scratch off lottery ticket. To his surprise, he won a car worth $17,000. So blown away by the story, a local news channel decided to run a story on him. To add some flair, they had Bill scratch off another ticket for a re-creation of the event. It turns out that ticket became it’s own news story as it was another winner. However, instead of a car, this time it was a quarter million dollars AU.

Here’s the actual video of him winning the second lotto ticket:

Source: CNN