This has got to be one of the most elaborate Halloween props you will ever see. The animatronic asylum door prop replaces your typical door window with a 22″ display showing a pissed off psycho asylum inmate who looks as if he’s trying to break through the glass to either get to you or escape. The best part about it is when the psycho starts to swing his axe at the metal door and it activates some hidden pneumatic mechanism that makes it appear as if the blows from his axe are really damaging the metal door.

Pale Night Productions claims to have been the first to create the effect and currently sells a variation of this on their site for $3,750. Meanwhile the one you see below in this video is available on Etsy for $3,500.

All worth it to scare the crap out of some trick or treaters if you ask me.

Source: OhGizmo