Capcom has been making a name for themselves in gaming for years, but now they are looking to branch out into their own themed restaurant in Japan! The restaurant is set to open in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward on January 25

Along with some really weird sounding and looking food inspired by Capcom’s video games, customers will also be able to try out the latest capcom games and watch live events like talk shows with Capcom’s dev team or the Capcom live web broadcast, Hagitoko!

Here’s a little sample of what you can expect to see on the menu:
Brain cake (Resident Evil/Biohazard)
Maeda Keiji’s octopus carpaccio (Sengoku Basara)
Well-done meat (Monster Hunter)
Make-It-Black-and-White seafood cream pasta (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

Source: Animenewsnetwork