Check out these really cool minimalists Super Nintendo Criterion box art collection designed by GamePro. It’s all rather brilliant and gorgeous, making a point that there is art in gaming.

From Gamepro:
What if Nintendo, Capcom, and other SNES developers got together and created their version of the Criterion Collection? And what if they included audio commentary, documentaries, featurettes, and other incredible extras?

With that in mind, each GamePro editor chose an SNES game that they’d love to see remastered, complete with imaginary boxart and a comprehensive list of extras. This isn’t a definitive list of every SNES classic; each entry represents a slice of our personal history with the 16-bit era.

Part one of their remastered collection (shown below) includes: Super Metroid, Earthbound, Super Star Wars Trilogy, Super Mario Kart, SimCity and Street Fighter II.

To see part two head on over to Gamepro.

Source: Gamepro