One blogger over at has figured out the ultimate hangover cure, Pepto-Bismol ice cream.

According to the author, ice cream is a fantastic hangover cure for two reasons:
Firstly, the coolness of product helps to counteract the inevitable post-alcohol sweat. Secondly, both dairy products and eggs are a valuable source of Vitamin B12, a deficiency of which is normal in hangovers – my body is telling me it needs more, and ice-cream delivers.

Ya ya, but what about the taste, which I’m sure is what everyone is wondering. Well it taste like black cherry according to the author, and it isn’t too bad. “The vanilla and sugar temper the metallic bitterness of the medicine, giving the end result a flavour not too dissimilar to black cherry.”

As far as it working as a hangover cure? “Initial studies are encouraging, with no negative side-effects experienced as yet. A mild mid-week drinking session provided the first test, and while my cross-breed concoction certainly didn’t eliminate the suffering altogether, the benefits did not go unnoticed.”

To read the full article along with step-by-step instructions on how to make your own ultimate hangover cure, click here.