This is not the first time we’ve seen video games used for health and fitness. There’s the Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution, as well as many games that have come out for both X-Box and Playstation, but this might be the first one that comes with a human flight simulator.

It’s called the Icaros, and while I can’t imagine using it without needing a tarp below to catch the puke, the unrealistically attractive models testing it out seem to think it’s the bee’s knees. In all honestly, it really does look impressive, and I could imagine some pretty insane gaming for it (if it wasn’t an $8,500 device that almost no one can afford). Maybe a dueling dragon simulator or even a fully immersive scuba game. Hell, I bet they could even come up with a game that has you fly over google maps overlays and lets you take a crap on the houses of all your enemies.

Source: Geekologie