Remember SuperSize me? The documentary where the guy ate only McDonald’s for a month and it nearly killed him? Well, one fifty year old man decided to see what it would be like if he drank 10 Cokes a day for a month. The result is both interesting and terrifying. When his experiment began, he weighed in at 168 lbs. After just 9 days, he had gained 8 lbs and was starting to feel serious effects on his health and well-being. When all was said and done, he gained 23 lbs, leaving him at 191 lbs.

Along with the weight gain, his blood pressure shot up to 145/96 and he was feeling an increase in sugar cravings despite the fact that the Coke was providing him with 350 grams of sugar a day.

While 10 Cokes a day seems unrealistic, it is actually something that happens every day around the US. What’s worse, as bad as Coke might be, most fruit juices and flavored milks are actually even worse.

Source: telegraph