During the Super Bowl, the one commercial that caught everyone’s attention was Volkswagen’s Little Vader commercial. It was the cutest and definitely the geekiest commercial of the entire game.

Now, Marvel Comics is trying to harness that same lightning in a bottle to help promote their upcoming movie, ‘Thor’. Gone is the 6 year old who turned to the dark side. Now we’ve got Little Thor, a 6 year old with a magic hammer that he’s still getting the hang of.

Sure, a lot of what’s in this video is almost a shot for shot remake of the Little Vader ad with Thor, but the ending… is shockingly Different.

Oh and be sure to keep an eye out for these cute little Easter eggs along the way!

– The dog bowl says Loki .
– There’s a Marvel Select Thor action figure on the bed behind the baby doll.
– Thor’s Mom’s mug says Stark, ask in Tony Stark (Iron Man)
– The license plate says Asgard (ASG 4RD).