In a very interesting turn of events, multiple men have now come forward claiming to have had seizures that were brought on by viewing ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1’.

A man in Sacramento and another one in Utah are both claiming to have had the experience.

Here’s what the man from Utah told local reporters:
“I didn’t really remember what happened, after that I think I blacked out. According to [my wife], I was shaking and mumbling different noises.”

The culprit is said to be photosensitive epilepsy. This can be caused by flashing lights and was once even the cause of some Pokemon related seizures.

As we haven’t seen the film, we can only guess that it was the birth of Edward and Bella’s child that caused the situation.

Here is how we imagine that scene went:

As Bella goes into labor, Edward begins to sparkle brighter than he’s ever sparkled before. He’s got the pride of fatherhood in him and it’s got him charged up like hooker on PCP.

Cut to the actual birth. Edward is sparkling brighter and brighter. Bella goes for that one last push. As the baby crowns, the hybrid vampire/ human baby, it’s head becomes visible and it is sparkling so bright that the audience is reminded of the disco ball above Studio 54. However, as the baby is not yet in sync with her father’s sparkling pattern, the combined sparkling of the two Cullens creates a strobe effect that induces seizures in the audience!

While we would never call shenanigans on something so serious, we would like to point out that all the people claiming to have seizures are men. Is it really possible for a movie to be so bad that you have to fake a seizure to get out of it? Jeesh, just claim the bad nacho defense and head for the restroom!

Source: TMZ

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