What was meant to be a mellow Canadian Football League alumni luncheon in Vancouver last Friday turned unexpectedly violent, when Ke Kapp, 73, former quarterback for the B.C. Lions, traded fists-and-cane with old nemesis, 74-year-old Angelo Mosca, former defensive tackle for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

As a video of the episode shows, the brawl began with Kapp holding out a peace offering of a single flower, to which Mosca replied, “Stick it up your ass.” Kapp, then shoved the flower in Mosca’s face, while Mosca swatted them away. Kapp then swatted Mosca with the flowers, and Mosca retaliated by swinging his cane at Kapp. Naturally, Kapp responded with his fist.

The bad blood dates back to the 1963 Grey Cup, in which Mosca delivered a questionable hit on Lions running back Willie Fleming, knocking Kapp’s teammate out of the game.

Source: SFGate