When Universal Studio Orlando opened up their latest Harry Potter’s Wizarding World attraction, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, fans knew that they were up for encounters with all sorts of mythical beasts. The one thing that no one was expecting was bees!

The ride was shut down Wednesday afternoon, but the but the bees are not a new issue. They have reportedly been hassling coaster riders since the ride opened earlier this year.

It turns out that bees may end up being the least of Hagrid’s problems. According to Orlando’s local news 13, technical problems have been such a big problem for the new ride that they now wait till the afternoon or to open it or closing early so they can spend every morning working on maintenance.

When the ride is fully functional, it provides Harry Potter fans with a thrilling new experience where they travel through the forbidden forest up to 50 MPH. Along with the animatronics and seven different launches, the ride also boasts a 17-foot vertical drop. And bees. It’s also got a ton of bees.

If you want to see what the ride looks like when it’s up and running, check out this great video from Youtuber Themeparkgroupie –

Source: News13