Over here at YBMW we go out of our way to not get political. If we do our jobs, the only thing you should know about us is that we like movies, geeky stuff, women, toys, and the fact that I have serious rage issues when it comes to clowns. You’ll never know who we vote for or what our beliefs are… at least you won’t know until we make our move and take over the world. That’s why you might think that it is a little weird for us to post something about the National Debt, but we don’t think there are many things in this world that are as truly WTFable as this.

What does it mean? It means bend over and pray for lube because we owe a hell of a lot of people money that we are gonna be paying off at least until Spider-Man 29 comes out.

Where do the numbers come from? The CBO and various government offices. So no, this isn’t some special interest thing, these numbers actually come to us from the government.

Can we fix it? Sure, If every tax payer coughed up a check for around $111,000.00 Tomorrow and we stopped spending any more government money…ya, we’d be clear… but then again, if that were possible, we’d be way too busy having a mind blowing orgy with all the ladies we’ve ever fantasized about… even our old math teacher that we’d never really admit in public.

Why is it scary? Because the damned thing is growing faster than Kirstie Alley at Golden Corral… and much like Kirstie, it will eventually eat us all!

Check out the latest numbers:USDEBTCLOCK

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